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电竞竞技宝appRachael Ray Digital LLC(“RRD”) is committed to providing information and activities relating to Rachael Ray on the website (the “Site”). Our content includes information about Rachael Ray and her various endeavors, products, recipes, photos, videos, and interactivity with our users and also provides links to other sites Rachael Ray may or may not be affiliated with. This website is only intended for use by U.S. residents.



The Privacy Policy is incorporated by reference in and made a part of our Terms and Conditions of Use of the Site, and explains how users’ information and data is collected and used.

  • Your California Privacy Rights
  • 收集和使用信息
  • Personal Information
  • Financial Information
  • IP Address
  • Other Information
  • 你的同意
  • Use of Your Personal Information
    • Opting In and Opting Out of Electronic Communications
    • 不要跟踪信号
    • 在RRD中使用您的个人信息
    • 我们的服务提供商使用您的个人信息
    • 如果RRD更改所有权
    • 合法的访问,法律行动和调查。
  • 使用cookie,Google Analytics
  • Disclosure of Information to Non-Affiliated Third Parties
  • 保留个人信息
  • Your Privacy Choices – Limiting Information Sharing/Accessing Your Information
  • Protection and Security of Information
  • 儿童使用该网站
  • 链接到其他网站
  • Governing Law
  • 联系我们

California Privacy Rights

Under California law, California residents who have provided personal information to a company may have the right to request a list of all third parties to whom that company had disclosed such information for the third parties’ direct marketing purposes during the preceding calendar year, along with a list of the categories of personal information that had been so disclosed. However, if a company adopts and discloses a privacy policy that provides the ability to opt-out of such disclosures to third parties for the third parties’ direct marketing purposes, then the company is not required to maintain and provide such lists, and instead may provide you with information on how to exercise your right to prevent disclosure of your personal information. Because the privacy policy as disclosed on this Site provides you with an opportunity to opt-out of disclosures by us of your Personal Information to third parties for their direct marketing purposes, we do not have to provide you with such lists. If you are a California resident who would like information on how to exercise your rights concerning third party disclosures, you may send an email[电子邮件受保护]ATTN:加利福尼亚隐私权管理员


Personal Information

个人信息是唯一的信息identifies you, such as your name, address, email address and telephone number. At times, RRD may collect your Personal Information. For example, we collect your Personal Information if you register for portions of the Site that may require registration, enter a sweepstakes or contest, complete a survey, subscribe to our newsletters, or send us an email, and provide us with your name, address, telephone number and/or email address. We may also collect your Personal Information if you post, display and or publish materials on the Site or if users send us stories, recipes, photos and/or other materials (“User Content”), and we post these materials on our Site. We also may display a child’s photo or artwork, or photos that show images of any children, but we will only show a child’s first name and age. We will not show any last names or addresses, including email or postal. We will not use material without the consent of the user. We will not return any User Content, including but not limited to materials, such as photographs, once they have been sent to us.


Financial Information

This Site does not collect your financial information. However, when you click to shop Rachael’s products on the Site, you will be redirected to a website hosted by Meredith (或“商店”)。在这个网站上没有购买或销售,而是通过在那里宣传他们的库存的零售商的网站进行。商店收集的信息不受本网站的隐私政策和/或条款和条件的管辖。您应该阅读本店隐私政策和任何条款和条件,以了解您的个人信息存储和/或保护的方式。同样,您可以订阅通讯或杂志,或访问与本网站相关或附属的其他网站,并可收集您的财务信息。雷竞技足球此类网站不受本网站的隐私政策和条款和条件的管辖。鼓励您审查这些其他网站的政策和条款,以了解您的个人信息,包括您的财务信息,由此类网站收集和维护。

IP Address

登录时,IP(Internet协议)地址是Internet服务提供商自动分配给计算机的数字。RRD通过Google Analytics匿名“IP地址的集合(有关详细信息,请参阅下文),您可以在此处阅读更多信息:。Some IP address information is collected, which may help us identify information including, but not limited to, geographic trends and/or usage information. However, full IP addresses identifying individuals are not collected.

Other Information

When you access the Site, RRD will automatically receive some information about your use of the service. The type of information that is automatically collected by RRD includes, but is not limited to, such things as the date and time of access of the Site, the anonymized Internet protocol (IP) address of the computer that you are using, the domain and host from which you access the Internet, your browser software and operating system, the referring website address, and the specific activities you are engaged in while visiting the Site. This aggregate tracking information is used to help RRD improve and enhance the website experience for all of its visitors.



Use of Your Personal Information


  • 向您提供材料,信息和服务,
  • to give you notice of and/or resolve any problems that may arise in connection with our services,
  • 更好地了解客户的需求和利益,
  • to analyze the success of our products and services and Site,
  • 管理网站的互动功能,
  • 为了帮助RRD改进并增强所有访客的网站体验,并在我们的网站上定制内容,
  • 遵守RRD的法律和监管义务,
  • 正如否则合理要求提供客户服务并维护网站,
  • to investigate potential breaches of the Terms and Conditions of the Site,
  • 调查潜在的非法活动,
  • for any other purpose outlined in this Privacy Policy and/or the Terms and Conditions of which this Privacy Policy is a part, and
  • 据法允许。


Opting in and opting out of electronic communications. At certain points where Personal Information is collected on our Site, there may be a box to indicate that you wish to receive certain information or communications from RRD. You may also opt out of receiving electronic communications, such as emails from RRD, at any time, using the Unsubscribe links provided in those emails. In all of our electronic communications, you will be given the opportunity to opt out of receiving future communications. You may also opt-out or change your preferences by sending an email to[电子邮件受保护]



Use of Your Personal Information Within RRD





We may also share your Personal Information as required to allow for a change in ownership of RRD and/or any of RRD’s affiliated entities and/or of any business(es) to which the Site relates, and the related transfer of user information to the new owner. In the event of any such change of ownership, your Personal Information will continue to be protected by the terms of this Privacy Policy unless and until you are notified of a change.


Your Personal Information may be disclosed to non-affiliated third parties as either permitted by, or to comply with, applicable laws and regulations. Your Personal Information may be transmitted through and stored on servers outside your home country, and may be accessed by authorities in those jurisdictions. We may disclose Personal Information if we believe it is necessary to investigate, prevent, or take action regarding suspected illegal activities or fraud, situations involving the physical safety of any person, violations of our Terms and Conditions, or otherwise in accordance with applicable law. For example, RRD may disclose your Personal Information to comply with investigations by regulatory authorities or enforcement agencies in the United States of America or elsewhere, or to protect against or prevent actual or potential fraud. Furthermore, RRD may disclose your Personal Information if it has a reasonable good faith basis to believe that it is required to do so by law, compelled by court order or legal process, or is reasonably necessary and/or appropriate to: (i) protect the rights, property and/or safety of RRD or any other person or entity; or (ii) prevent or take action concerning any alleged: (a) illegal activity or (b) breach of the Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy of the Site.

使用cookie,Google Analytics

该网站利用了“Cookie” - 我们可以根据我们收集的信息发送到您的计算机的小数据文件。它们包含允许我们在访问该网站并跟踪您的偏好时识别的信息。通过使用Cookie,我们还可以在我们网站上自动收集有关您的在线活动的信息,例如您访问的网页,您点击的链接以及您在我们网站上进行的搜索。cookie存储在计算机的浏览器中或在硬盘上,然后可以通过网站检索。

我们还可以使用第三方广告公司来定位并在访问该网站时向您展示广告。有时,RRD可以允许第三方广告商和广告网络将自己的饼干放在我们的网站上,以跟踪网站上的访客活动。这使这些公司能够认识到访问者,以便当这些访客访问第三方网站时,可以根据已经存在的方式(无论是RRD产品还是其他人的产品或服务)量身定制的广告learned from the visitors’ activity on RRD’s Site. This practice is called “interest-based advertising,” and the practices of these third-parties are not covered by this Privacy Policy.

RRD为您提供有关我们网站上信息集合的选择。RRD遵循数字广告联盟的在线行为广告的自我监管原则。如果您决定不希望从第三方广告商和广告网络收到个性化广告,请访问, where you can learn more about opting out from receiving interest-based advertising.


该网站使用Google Analytics,一个网络分析工具,帮助网站所有者了解参观者如何与他们的网站聘用。我们可以查看各种报告关于访问者如何与我们的网站互动,以便我们可以改进它。Google Analytics匿名收集信息,并使用cookie和匿名的IP地址,并在不识别单个访客的情况下报告网站趋势。有关与Google Analytics相关的更多信息,请单击此处:。您可以通过安装Google Analytics选择退出浏览器加载项来选择谷歌分析。有关和安装Google Analytics的信息选择退出浏览器加载项,请单击此处:

Disclosure of Information to Non-Affiliated Third Parties



Personal Information is retained to deliver our services, to otherwise fulfill identified or apparent purposes, and for record-keeping. At some point RRD may elect to destroy, erase or anonymize your Personal Information. Once anonymized, RRD undertakes not to re-identify the information.


Your Privacy Choices – Limiting Information Sharing/Accessing Your Information



If you would like to check, change, or confirm your privacy choices please contact us at:[电子邮件受保护]

Protection and Security of Information

RRD maintains reasonable standards of confidentiality and security for the Site and the Personal Information collected from the Site. Physical, technical, electronic and managerial procedures have been employed to safeguard the security and integrity of Personal Information collected through the Site. The Personal Information you provide is secured using industry standard security technology. RRD also restricts its own employees’ access to Personal Information. However, it is possible that someone may intercept or access communications, transmissions and/or Personal Information.

如果RRD确定有en a security breach that results in the unauthorized disclosure of Personal Information to a third party, RRD will promptly notify consumers whose Personal Information it reasonably believes has been compromised by posting information on the Site and, if email contact is possible, then also by sending an email notification with respect to the situation.

You acknowledge that the security of online transactions you conduct using the Site cannot be guaranteed. To the fullest extent permitted at law, RRD shall not accept responsibility for misuse or loss of, or unauthorized access to, your Personal Information.






Governing Law

本隐私政策应由美利坚合众国纽约州的法律管辖,而不考虑其法律冲突条款。Please click here审查与该网站有关争议和管理法的条款。


If you have any questions or complaints concerning this Privacy Policy or our handling of your Personal Information (other than with respect to California Privacy Rights) you may contact us at[电子邮件受保护]


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